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Why my website is not ranking in Google?


There are a lot of new websites that are making with every passing day, and thousands of thousands already exist. Some of them got expired too. Everybody intends to grow his website within a short period as it could be possible.

Here is an important thing that should keep in mind for growing a website. When a person started his website or after passing few days or few months of its making, most people face some issues.

One of the major and serious problems that he has to face for the development of his website is that "his website was not ranking in the Google" and this problem is our main focus here.

We will know about the barriers that a person has to face for ranking his website in Google. Or in other words, what are the reasons behind not ranking a website in Google.

Here we are going to discuss briefly some of these reasons which are given below:

· Copy or duplicated content

One of the major problems of not ranking a website in Google is the content that you put on your website may be contained on duplicate data or you copy it from other sites. It is possible that which data you entered in your site may already exist on another site.

So you should be very careful about your content and check it at "duplicate content checker" before indexing it your site.

· Not SEO properly

For every successful Google ranking, SEO plays a very important role. Google works according to its algorithm and ranks the entire website just according to it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a procedure that understands and works according to Google's algorithm. When you do not properly optimize your website then as result it doesn't rank.

· NOT active on social media

Another barrier the held in ranking your website in Google is you do not properly or regularly remain active on social media. There are so many platforms of social media that you can utilize for campaigning or advertisement of your website.

When you utilize these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Instagram, etc all these platforms prove very helpful for bringing traffic to your website. So this could be a bigger mistake or hurdle in ranking your website in Google.

· The website is not mobile-friendly

Nowadays, everyone is so busy and always remains in a hustle. Most people use their smartphones for completing their regular tasks and other activities. So if your website is not mobile-friendly or its format is not compatible with mobiles or it takes a long time for loading then it is a big mistake in your website design, which causes failure in ranking your website.

· Website isn't indexed by Google

Another reason for not ranking your website in Google could be that your website isn't indexed by Google yet. This could happen if you accidentally restrict Google from crawling and indexing your data. So, must check your site setting and allow permission to Google for crawling and indexing your data.

· Lack of consistent content

When your blogs and articles are not publishing consistently then it lessens the chances of ranking your website in Google and consequently when this situation continues for a long time, your website would not rank.

Because when you do not publish your content consistently then it may happen that when you post or publish your content then the mood strikes. Unfortunately when "mood strikes" you cannot claim the website in the ranking spot. So, it's better to create and publish the content regularly that increases the chances of getting your website ranked.

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