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Why doesn't my site have a lot of access?

That was a question I got in the comments of another post.

A dear and kind reader of this blog wanted to know the reason why his blog could not get a large number of hits. I sent him an email, asked him some questions, and promised that my thoughts would come in the form of an article.

Well then! In this article, as promised, I'll list some of the problems I've noticed and that can certainly be part of the reality of many other sites, including yours.

Below, I will list the questions I asked so that we can better synthesize the narrative of the facts.

  1. What is a lot of access for you?

  2. How many posts does he already have?

  3. What CMS do you use on your blog?

  4. What social networks does your site have an account on?

I could have asked more questions but I stayed on that list and of course, the questions were placed in context in the email I sent him. I have listed it this way to show in a summarized and objective way the order of the facts.

What is a lot of access for you?

It's commendable that you have a goal, even if 100,000 hits is a huge thing to achieve in a short amount of time. Having a goal is essential when you aim for bigger flights and, of course, achieving your goals.

However, creating a planning flow within reality is ideal at this time, and having this objective broken down into more accessible and realistic blocks can make your planning more effective and less frustrating in terms of the results obtained.

Instead of creating a goal looking at 100 MIL monthly, how about creating a goal looking at 27 daily hits? Yes, 27 hits per day only! Do you think little? Multiply those 27 daily hits by 30 and you will have more than double your monthly hits.

Plus, daily goals give you more focus and more liquidity in your closing balance each month.

How many posts does your blog already have?

This can be a reasonable factor that helps the few hits your blog has. If we divide these 25 posts by 8, we will have something like 3 posts per month. Very little for those who want so much access. The “N” blog is a blog that deals with technology and as technology is a very recurrent subject on the internet, the competition is huge. If the “N” Blog addressed a specific topic or segment, scarce, but with great demand, it would certainly have more access even with little content. And remember: “Content is king”.

Try to improve the frequency of posts and create a scheduling routine (WordPress does this simply and practically). Take a day to create posts and schedule posts for 3, 4, 5 days, or even a whole week.

I know it's not easy to create so much subject matter and of course, create quality content in a short amount of time, but there's no way! We have to fight with the weapons we have. By organizing your publishing routine, you will be able to post more content on your blog with recurrence and effectiveness.

The ideal is at least one post per day. This makes users always have updated content and lots of news.

What CMS do you use on your blog?

WordPress is unmatched. It is the most popular CMS on the planet. Remembering that CMS is the acronym for Content Management System, or Content Management System, in a free translation.

WordPress helps a lot in everything I've said so far. Whether installing plugins or improving code flexibility to improve site SEO.

In addition, WP is secure and as it is Open Source, it has a worldwide community of developers who improve their code every day.

So, under no circumstances abandon WordPress, and of course, if you want to learn more about WordPress.

What social networks is your site present on?

First, many social networks grow absurdly every year and bring a lot of audience to your site. One example is Instagram which has been delivering magnificent results on ADS after merging with Facebook ADS. And second, if your blog is about technology, how are you going to be on only 2 social networks? Do not do this! You have to be on all social networks and more, you have to post on all of them.

It's no use just having an account on each social network and not keeping them up to date. Create accounts on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and of course, spread your content on these networks.


I believe that following these tips you will already have good results. There are several other concepts and several other possibilities to attract more visitors to your Blog, but be sure that there is a path to follow, a path that is neither easy nor simple, but with dedication and continuity, your blog will fly higher.

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