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Which Social Media Is Best To Market My Website?

We wake up, check our Facebook notifications, scroll down Instagram, use Snapchat to take those morning selfies. If someone is a professional, they focus on their LinkedIn. In simpler words, social media is an undeniable part of our lives. Yet, we don’t utilize it to expand the business.

The thing is, the right use of social media platforms can not only enhance the customer outreach but also leads to higher ROI. However, which one will provide the best bang for the bucks with so many social media platforms? If that’s something you are struggling with, let’s check out more details!


We don’t think Facebook needs an introduction because, hey, who doesn’t use Facebook, right? As it turns out, Facebook has over one billion active users every month, which makes it perfect for capturing the target audience and expanding it. In addition, it does a great job of building the email list.

However, the top reason Facebook is suitable is its ability to let you interact with clients and customers. Remember, a customer/client likes a company that can communicate well, so why not use Facebook? Last but not least, there are paid Facebook ads, so you can tap into the potential target audience’s feed!


Instagram might be the new social media platform, but it has gained that overnight success. By having more than one billion monthly active users, it has become the ultimate way for the audience to check out new and exciting content. That being said, it’s a promising choice to market your website, especially for good, beauty, and photography websites.

However, you need to work on the content, make it captivating, and organic marketing will increase the website reach. Last but not least, you can collaborate with influencers to pass the word or use IGTV for your video content – there’s everything you need to ace!


Nope, YouTube isn’t only for watching funny cat videos as it has become a powerful social media platform. Boasting over two billion active monthly users, it’s high time that you use YouTube for marketing your website. The fact that YouTube is owned by Google is also a good one because it helps with SEO and overall website visibility.

YouTube is sufficient for marketing, but it depends on the video content. So, create tutorial videos or informative videos revolving around your website or the products/services you are using. To summarize, YouTube is a great platform to drive traffic and increase conversions.


When it comes down to businesses and websites, marketing is incomplete without LinkedIn. It is famous as social media for professionals. The monthly user count stops at 660 million and captures the people in the field.

The reason to choose and use LinkedIn is the high-percent of customers and decision-makers, so if your products/services are good, LinkedIn will surely get you some audience and sales. So, if you really want to use LinkedIn for marketing your website, set up the company page and grow it through paid advertising!

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