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Online Marketing Made Easy With Facebook Fan Pages

To say that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are changing the way we do business online will be an understatement. Indeed, some are calling what's anymore going on a Social Media Revolution in online marketing. Others refer to it as the New Generation Online Marketing; or simply the Death of Internet Marketing as we know it, etc. All these go to buttress the point that there is a major change going on in the way business is conducted online and you as an online entrepreneur must take serious note.

Today, we want to look at how you as an online business entrepreneur can use Facebook Fan Pages to market your products or services more effectively.

Facebook is currently the world's largest social media website, with more than 300 million active users logging into their Facebook account every single day! With such a huge membership base, Facebook provides the savvy online entrepreneur with an incredible opportunity to explore markets, evaluate the profitability of niches and communicate with your customer base in a whole new way.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to create individual pages, referred to as "fan pages".

You can use these fan pages to generate exposure, build a reputation in your niche market, survey prospects, evaluate markets, build a mailing list or newsletter and generate traffic to external offers, including CPA network ads, affiliate products and of course, your own products and services.

With a Addict runner, you can communicate directly with your target followership, which in turn will help you vend further products, drive further business to your websites, and ameliorate your connections with your guests.

Fan Pages also help to establish, solidify and grow your brand so that indeed if you're just starting a brand new online home business, you can snappily gain authority in your request.

And there are numerous other ways the start up or being online entrepreneur can boost income with these addict runners. These include :

• The ability to evaluate and conduct market research instantly.

• The ability to establish credibility in your market.

• A chance to have direct access to more than 600 million active users.

• The ability to generate unlimited traffic to your site.

• An opportunity to quickly (and easily) build targeted mailing lists in your niche market.

• Being able to quickly go viral with your marketing piece - a development that can lead to a stampede of massive exposure!

• And given the fact that Facebook carries weight within the major search engines, creating fan pages is also a very easy method of getting indexed quickly and generating organic traffic to both your fan page, and other income generating pages and even personal blogs and websites.

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